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Position: Property Appraiser
Vacancies: 2
Location: Columbia, Rock hill, Florence or Greenville
Salary range: $43,030.00 – $79,616.00
Job Description:
Job Purpose
Participate in field inspections and estimate market value of industrial property under SC jurisdiction

Job Duties

Conduct field reviews and/or appraisals of manufacturing facilities through inspection and research with the focus on estimating fair market value
Utilize multiple computer systems, including DORWAY, Commercial Estimator and APEX Sketch to assist with preparing appraisals and maintaining taxpayer data
Interpret and analyze system data to perform necessary updates and adjustments to taxpayer returns and files
Communicate effectively with taxpayers and/or representatives, local government personnel, other agency property analysts, property tax examiners and other internal and external customers to explain property tax laws and regulations
Assist local government personnel and/or officials with issues and/or questions related to property tax administration through research and interpretation of property tax laws
Complete educational courses for licensing purposes and/or continuing education as required by SCDOR and SC Appraiser’s Board


Minimum and Additional Requirements
Requires one of the following:

A bachelor’s degree and experience in real estate appraisal
An appraisal designation may be substituted for the real estate appraisal experience
Relevant experience or education may be substituted on a year-for-year basis with an approved equivalence by the Division of State Human Resources (DSHR).

Additional requirements:
A valid SC Driver’s license is required and reliable transportation

Apply at