medical office and/or lab space

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      Suzanne Brockway

      I have an assignment where I need rent comparables of medical office and/or lab space that is leased as a heated and cooled shell with the floor in place, meaning the utilities & HVAC will be run to the space perimeter, ready for the shell space to be finished out by the tenant.    My subject is institutional grade Class A space; however, since I realize that the medical and/or lab space leased as a shell will be hard enough to find,  I’ll take whatever is available, but institutional grade Class A will be the most comparable.   If anyone has any rent comparable data they can share that might be remotely comparable to these parameters I  will gladly reciprocate with what I find unless requested not to do so by the provider.  My subject is in the Upstate of South Carolina, but for this assignment I’ll take what I can get in the southeast region.  Any help is greatly  appreciated.

      Stephen (Steve) R. Griffin, MAI, Marion R. Griffin Co., Inc.,  Spartanburg, S.C.   29304

      Voice: 864-585-2459


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