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      Trisha McDuffee

      Founded in 1898 and headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., First Citizens Bank has been helping individuals, families and businesses do more with their money for more than 120 years. We’re known for our reliability, long-term perspective, our First Citizens associatesand a Forever First® commitment to our communities. Today, First Citizens is one of the largest family controlled banks in the United States, led for three generations by members of the same family. We employ more than 7,000 associates who are focused on providingbetter banking that helps people live better lives. With over $35 billion in assets, First Citizens operates more than 500 branches in 19 states.

      We are currently seeking a Residential Appraisal Review Officer for our Columbia office – 1314 Park St., Columbia, SC.

      Job Description: Review appraisals to determine acceptability of methodology, technique and credibility to ensure optimum product quality and reliability. Maintain appraiser auditing function and monitor responsiveness and quality of work product provided by fee appraisers. Coordinate with Appraisal Compliance Specialists to resolve potential issues. Provide expert support to various departments through residential appraisal reviews and property evaluations. Maintain knowledge of appraisal standards and regulatory guidelines(Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, FIRREA/Inter Agency Guidelines, FDIC/OTS guidance, secondary market). Implement regulatory policy changes as required. Review all residential products in a loan file to ascertain if the value estimate was acceptable and in compliance with all federal and state regulations, as well as Bank policies and procedures. Perform single family real estate related projects at the request of management.

      Basic Qualifications:
      Bachelor degree with a minimum of 4 years real estate appraisal experience to include a minimum of 2 years residential property appraisal. Must be state licensed as a Certified Residential Appraiser.
      High school diploma or GED with a minimum of 8 years real estate appraisal experience to include a minimum of 2 years in residential property appraisal. Must be state licensed as a Certified Residential Appraiser.

      Additional Requirements:
      Thorough knowledge of Real Estate Law and the appraisal process, to include knowledge of current banking laws and regulations.
      Strong written and verbal communication skills.
      Ability to effectively communicate with a variety of personalities and skill levels, including executive management.
      Ability to prioritize, organize and manage several projects at one time.
      Leadership ability and strong interpersonal relationship skills.
      Strong attention to detail.

      Other Preferred Qualifications:
      Appraisal review experience in a financial institution.

      Apply online at:

      To see all available positions in South Carolina, visit, click on Careers, and search by Job State: SC.

      This position is Job ID: 34846

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