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      Jody Odom

      Morgan Stanley
      Senior Appraisal Reviewer

      To Apply:

      Job Number: 3164260
      POSTING DATE: Feb 2, 2021
      PRIMARY LOCATION: Americas-United States of America-Washington-Bellevue
      EDUCATION LEVEL: Bachelor’s Degree
      JOB: WM Risk
      EMPLOYMENT TYPE: Full Time
      JOB LEVEL: Associate

      Morgan Stanley
      Morgan Stanley is a leading global financial services firm providing a wide range of investment banking, securities, investment management and wealth management services. The Firms employees serve clients worldwide including corporations, governments and individuals from more than 1,200 offices in 43 countries.

      The talent and passion of our people is critical to our continued success as a firm. Together, we share four core values rooted in integrity, excellence and strong team ethic:
      1. Putting Clients First
      2. Doing the Right Thing
      3. Leading with Exceptional Ideas
      4. Giving Back

      Morgan Stanley is committed to helping its employees build meaningful careers and we strive to be a place for people to learn, achieve and grow.

      Firm Risk Management
      Firm Risk Management (FRM) enables Morgan Stanley to achieve its business goals by partnering with business units across the Firm to realize efficient risk-adjusted returns, acting as a strategic advisor to the Board and protecting the Firm from exposure to losses as a result of credit, market, liquidity, operational, model and other risks.

      Our mission is to serve as the follow roles:

      -Independent agent to set consistent principles and disciplines for risk management
      – Strategic advisor to Firm management for setting risk appetite and allocating capital
      – Industry leader to influence and meet regulatory standards

      You will collaborate with colleagues across WM, FRM and the Firm to protect the Firms capital base and franchise, advise businesses and clients on risk mitigating strategies, develop tools and methodologies to analyze and monitor risk, contribute to key regulatory initiatives and report on risk exposures and metrics to enable informed and strategic decision-making. Through thoughtful analysis and clear communication we are best able to bring our ideas to the table and improve the Firm.

      Firm Risk Management values diversity and is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive workplace for all employees.

      Firm Risk Managements unique franchise promotes:

      – Flat, flexible and integrated global organization
      – Collaboration and teamwork
      – Credible, independent decision-making
      – Organizational influence
      – Creative and practical solutions
      – Meritocratic and diverse culture

      The Senior Appraisal Reviewers primary role is to assist in ensuring the timely assignment and completion of a full line of valuation products in order to fulfill established Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

      Responsibilities: The Reviewers primary responsibilities are to review all eligible appraisals, provide guidance/answer appraiser questions, communicate between the AMC and borrower when needed, communicate assignment results to internal business units, and respond to emails and phone calls from appraisers and lending partners. All activities are performed according to established SLAs, quality standards and all applicable federal and state laws and statutes, which includes Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

      The Reviewer will be required to perform other related duties as defined and prescribed by supervisor(s) and be able to function in a dynamic, fast paced work environment that is driven by SLAs.

      – Review all eligible appraisals.
      – Have knowledgeable conversations with fee appraisers when needed.
      – Communicate between AMC and Borrower when needed.
      – Be liaison between appraiser and Morgan Stanley for additional data and information requests and all overall communication between the Appraiser and Morgan Stanley.
      – Communicate valuation analysis to internal business units.
      – Explain appraisal analysis and associated exceptions to clients.
      – Work with the states when dealing with unethical practices by the appraiser.
      – Utilize established policy and procedures to ensure efficient workflow within established standards and industry guidelines.
      – Work with appraisers on an ongoing basis to ensure timely delivery of quality appraisal reports within defined SLAs.
      – Consult with underwriters and other departments as needed to resolve valuation issues, answer questions, etc.
      – Perform special projects as needed.
      – Provide feedback to the vendors as to their quality and turn times.
      – Respond to any appraiser concerns/complaints.

      -High School diploma or GED Required.
      -College degrees in related field or equivalent experience a plus.
      -Current Certified Residential or Certified General appraisal license.

      Job Related Experience:
      -Knowledge of the mortgage industry in general and appraisals in specific.
      -Experience in Customer Service and/or Sales is desired.
      -Ten or more years of single family residential and/or commercial property valuation experience.
      State appraisal certification.
      -Strong communication skills with direct, hands on experience in determining property values and resolving valuation differences and issues.
      -Knowledge of the appraisal process and corresponding regulatory requirements.
      -Experience valuing properties on a nationwide level.

      Skills Required:
      – Ability to work well in a collaborative team environment.
      – Strong sense of urgency required with ability to multitask in a dynamic, demanding environment.
      – Attention to detail and strong organizational skills are mandatory.
      – Display the consistent ability to embrace rapid changes to SLAs, internal policies and overall procedures.
      – Good judgment, ability to escalate when unable or unauthorized to resolve conflict, issue or concern, minimizing issues to be escalated to Manager.
      – Work well with little supervision; receptive to feedback and training intended to improve employees ability to perform at increasing levels of independence.
      – Ability to plan, organize and schedule own work.
      – Ability to utilize professional judgment in bringing non-routine matters to a conclusion.
      – Proficient in use of Microsoft Outlook.
      – Proficient in Excel.
      – Proficient in Microsoft Word.
      – Proficient in Microsoft Power Point.
      – Strong Customer Service Skills.
      – Strong Interpersonal Skills.
      – Good communication skills (both verbal and written) required.
      – Working knowledge of all Microsoft Office products.
      – Ability to work with limited supervision.
      – Ability to work multiple projects simultaneously.

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