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      George Efird

      Efird Appraisals

      Office or Remote / North Carolina or South Carolina

      Job Description:

      We are seeking energetic and team-oriented residential (licensed) (certified) and commercial (general) appraisers who are ready to hit the ground running with a consistent workflow.

      Efird Appraisals is located in Charlotte, NC. We are looking for candidates to efficiently identify the appraisal problem and develop credible and viable results for our clients while managing competing deadlines.

      Our firm offers a very competitive benefits package, and we have the best industry data resources available. As well as full office support. We want you to get more done without all the stress of doing it all yourself.

      We have an immediate need for appraisers in all areas of the Carolinas with the flexibility to work from the comfort of your home, or if you prefer working from our office located in Charlotte.


      Valid & active appraiser license in North Carolina or South Carolina
      Proficient in Word, Excel, Outlook


      Our firm offers a very competitive benefits package including Health, dental and vision insurance.
      We pay your appraisal dues and your E&O insurance.
      The best industry data resources are available at no cost to the appraiser, including, Costar, Alamode, CRS, Narrative 1, Data comp, MLS, adobe, windows ten, and office 365. To name a few.
      Full office support, including accounting. We want you to get more done without all the stress of doing accounting, payroll, invoicing, and tax withholdings yourself.
      Consistent workflow to fit your financial goals.
      Work from home or in the office with the flexibility of working hours that fits your schedule.
      Entire IT staff is available 24/7 to keep you up and running at all hours.
      Support and training that is always available when you need it.

      How to Apply:

      Please email your resume/qualifications to

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